Movement meditation and dance space


Moving Meditation & Dance Space


Embodiment, Nourishment, Heart Space, Silence, Mystery, & Being Alive

A series of 6 One Day Workshops.



We’re invited to sense and feel each part of the body as part of the whole body-mind. To let go into the simplicity of the next out-breath, awaiting the new life of in-breath, letting practice support us .... touching nature and each other .

We slow down, soften our bodies hearts and minds, reconnecting again with the kinesthetic delight of being in our own skin.

Moving is a powerful way of cultivating awareness of ourselves, each other and our environment. ... we continue to move and dance , to rest too, and enter a heart-embodied space for ourselves and each other.

Come dance, imagine, sing, and dream together.

This movement practice is rooted in a felt-sense of a need to follow the body’s desire to move and thus allow its natural movement as a way of healing and retrieving the forgotten hidden and neglected parts. We move through movement explorations, somatic movement inquiries, allowing time and space for free movement following the body’s natural moves with and without music. 


Where: The Yoga Loft Cork



Cost: €75  per day

10% reduction if you do all 6 days and pay for them together.

Intention: My intention is to create a safe space where we can feel more ease and space in our bodies, hearts & minds. .... slowing down to breathe a little deeper , let go , pause and through the wisdom of our felt-sense explore ways of re-connecting to our true and wild nature.