Moving into Wellbeing & Wholeness

  " our one wild and precious life"




Moving into Wellbeing & Wholeness

“ Our one wild and precious life’  


Marianne Gabriel MA


Embodiment,Movement, Sound, Spaciousness, Heart & Mystery

A series of 6 One Day Workshops.

Dates for 2020 will be given soon, to register please email me at

           We’re invited to sense and feel into all the body parts awakening to the wisdom of body-mind. To let go into the simplicity of the next out-breath, awaiting the new life of in-breath, pausing and restoring in stillness.

       There’s a slowing down, softening our bodies hearts and minds, retrieving the kinesthetic delight of being in our own skin.

        Moving is a powerful way of cultivating awareness of ourselves, each other and our environment. We learn to let our movement unfold from Source . Soon a dance emerges, our sacred dance, a calling to an ancient form of prayer and offering, returning us to a heart-embodied space for ourselves and each other. We move with a combination of silence, music and sound.


Come dance, imagine, sing, and dream together!



Where: The Yoga Loft Cork

Cost: €75 per workshop

Moving into wellbeing and wholeness

10% reduction if you do all 6 days and pay for them together.


About: I am a Yoga/Movement teacher, exploring creative forms of awareness through movement, sacred sound/voice, deep listening, rest and stillness.

My work is a synthesis of several approaches, Contemporary Yoga, Somatic / Developmental Movement, Inner/Outer Witness, Sacred Dance, Restorative Rest , & Stillness. 

I have an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy, a body oriented psychotherapy accredited with UKCP working in private practice in West Cork. 


To create the necessary safety for this work once established the group will be closed.

You can contact me at 086/1595260 and at and