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Marianne will be holding movement and awareness practice before and
in between constellations. 

   Marianne  'The anatomy and the creative way I work with body/mind has arrived through a synthesis drawn from many different approaches.  Its starting point is from the felt-sense of a need to follow the body's desire to move and thus allow its own natural movement as a way of healing and retrieving and reclaiming the forgotten, hidden neglected parts.  Often what shows up is our creative fire, or our watery flow, our pleasure or in the words of the poet Mary Oliver a calling back to our "one wild and passionate life"

 Charlie 'When we enter the constellations as a participant or witness we become aware of a type of knowing that may not be cognitive, logical or magical but always reveals a truth in a certain deep and often emotional way. This knowing field enables us to witness and feel the underlying energetics of a system, be it a family, organisational ,our own body or other type of constellation. From there we can make some movements that will create a new image and dynamic within the system.
           For example we can see the necessity to include the excluded members of a family or the role of symptoms in illness or what is preventing healthy growth. Often a resolution emerges which can have a deep and lasting effect on all parts the system.' 

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Constellations Workshop